“I began to lose myself, lose direction, lose focus but I had to pull it together because now I was somebody’s mother.”

– Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons has faced many adversities and struggles in life as a young woman. Now, she’s sharing her testimony to empower and encourage other women to overcome challenges that they face.

MISSION: To help millennial women and teen girls develop a positive self-image and the confidence needed to confront and conquer their fears and achieve their goals.       

VISION: Despite her success, Angela Simmons has been challenged with several adversities and struggles throughout her life. However, just like pressure is used to transform coal into a diamond, the pressure that she has faced has helped mold her into a stronger woman and a whole person. Now, Angela is empowering others by sharing her own testimony as well as the tools and resources she used to overcome challenges, unhealthy relationships, and raise her son as a single mother.


1. To develop a series of women empowerment events that reaches 10,000 young women and teen girls within the 2018-19 calendar year, providing them with educational information and resources to promote a healthy self-image, positive self-esteem, and self-love.

2. To attract influential guest speakers, build alliances, and collaborate with stakeholders to have a long-term impact on program participants.

3. Create inspirational products and positive media content that serves a broader audience.